Meet the Trainer

Amanda J. McKitterick, KPA-CTP

  • IMG_7647 copyAnimals have always been Amanda’s true love and passion in life. Starting in 5th grade, she became very fascinated by animal behavior. When she was 13 she trained her family first dog. They had a wonderful bond, and she became addicted ever since.

    Not realizing this passion to train the family dogs could become a career so she joined the US Navy after high school. This gave her the skills in to make a great living in computers, but it never made her truly happy. In 2010, she discovered she change careers and become a trainer full time. Jumping on the opportunity, Amanda enrolled at the Animal Behavior College where she was taught several learning theories, basic behaviors, and more. She began volunteering at a local shelter to start putting her new knowledge to the test. Through the Animal Behavior College, Amanda met a seasoned local trainer and began to intern under her for the next few of years. Through the mentoring and teaching of that internship, Amanda was introduced to the wonderful world and science of reward marker training techniques and theories. Intrigued by what she was learning, she continued to attend classes and seminars while working with clients and shelter dogs in the area. In early 2015, Amanda enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training Professionals to become a certified in the techniques. She began with their Fundamentals program and continued to the Dog Training Professional program, graduating with distinction in December of 2015.

    Amanda has had the pleasure of helping several shelter dogs become more adoptable through her training of those dogs and the volunteers that worked there. In addition to all that, Amanda has been educated to help families regarding dog safety, bite prevention, as well as assisting new parents better prepare their pets for the arrival of their new babies. She loves working with her clients and their dogs to learn to better understand each other, and live happily together.

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    In 2010 after becoming certified form the Animal Behavior College, Amanda started interning under a training company local to her. She also continued to volunteer at the Riverside County Department of Animal Services thought this time. Never satisfied and eager to learn more, Amanda continually attends seminars, conferences, and trainings to build upon her knowledge in the industry. She has been fortunate enough to learn from some of the industries most respected experts such as Nichol Wilde (Educational seminar on Fearful Dogs), Pat Miller – (Educational seminar on Positive Solutions to Canine Behavior Challenges), Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ph. D. (Educational seminar on Parrots, Porpoises, Pooches and People Mastering the ABCs of Behavior Analysis), Sue Sternberg (Discussing Adoption Options for Shelter Dog Adoptions), and countless other at educational seminars such as Clicker Expo and the APDT Educational Conference.

    Through all these seminars, she was continually fascinated by animal behavior. While attending Clicker Expo in 2014, Amanda got to feel first hand the power of positive training. The entire conference is setup in such a way that the attendee’s are encouraged to use and practice the techniques with each other, adding to the wonderful things we were learning in the sessions. She was addicted, and couldn’t wait to learn even more so she could share this wonderful knowledge with her clients. In early 2015, she was excited to finally apply and be accepted to the Karen Pryor Academy. Today, she is proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and enjoys using all she has learned to help her clients.

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