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Private Training

This is our most popular and recommended program. Wise Dog Training will create an individually customized training plan tailored to the needs of you and your dog. This can cover anything from basic manners, various behavior modifications for unwanted behaviors to preparing you and your dog for programs such as Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or therapy dog tests.

This is why we offer a Free Consultation training evaluation for your dog and family. This is so we can meet with you, your dog, and your family one on one to discuss your specific needs and concerns. This allows us to get a better idea of what kind of program best fits the needs and goals of you and your family. We will also perform a quick evaluation of your dog to see how responsive they are to positive reinforcement techniques. (This is where we win over your dog and become fast friends!)

After that point, we can answer how the training will work, what kind of package you will need, and the cost of the program. There is no obligations or fees required for this process.

  • We will cover everything from potty training to nutrition.
  • Create a custom training program for you and your families needs.
  • Provide detailed notes are sent after every session.
  • With every Program, you will get Lifetime Dog Support. This is continued support of everything covered in our sessions for the life of your dog.

This type of training program will allow you, your dog, and the trainer to achieve the best results in the most optimal amount of time. It is also the most effective method of building a wonderful relationship with your dog based on trust and respect. You will not only learn to more clearly communicate to your dog what you want but also learn how your dog is communicating back to you.

Enjoy the journey you are taking together!

CGC and Therapy Dog Training

Please see Private Training for details.

Tests no longer offered here.

Wise Puppy Preps

Start your puppy on the right track!

Learning how to raise a new puppy can be intimidating! We can help make it less frightening. Every puppy needs to learn the basic foundations of proper behavior. To live in harmony with their human family and grow up to be a well behaved adult.

Start of right by learning how to teach and communicate to your puppy at a young age what you expect from them. Help them learn to have impulse control, basic manners, proper play, door manners, walking loose on a lease, not to jump, nip, and how to appropriately interact with friends. (Doggie and Human alike!)

To get started, you would book a Free Consultation so we can customize your puppy plan with any additional needs or concerns you have surrounding your daily lifestyle.

The Family Dog© Program for Kids!

Raising a puppy is one thing — but doing it with kids in tow can be a whole different ball game! Even if you’ve read the books, bought all the stuff and signed up for training school — you can somehow STILL feel like you’re chasing your tail. Don’t feel bad — you’re not alone. Taking on the mega–job of parenting kids AND a dog together is NOT easy — especially if you don’t have all the right tools! So don’t struggle alone — let us help!

PEACE LOVE KIDS and DOGS is the first online dog training program designed specifically for families. It’s a step–by–step plan that tells you everything you need to know to get your pup and the WHOLE family on the same page. It’s packed with videos, downloads, and tools to help you turn it all into a reality.

Send your children to the “Special Agent Training Center” (our program JUST for KIDS) and they’ll get all the dog skills they need by completing special challenges and missions. It’s so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning!

For Dogs:

Your dog will learn 6 life skills needed to become an amazing family dog:


For Parents:

  • A program where you’ll learn the 6 FOUNDATION skills every parent needs to know!
    • A fun video program for the kids that teaches them how to live happily and safely with your dog – without you having to nag!
      • A training program for your dog with the 6 essential skills your dog needs to be a polite and responsive member of your family.
      • For The Kids:

        • How to get your dog to fall in love with them!
          • How to control themselves.
            • How to be your extra set of eyes.
              • How to be a helper (that actually helps!)
              • Plus it includes 4 additional training games for the whole family!

                *This program does not include behavior modification needs.

                At-Home Schooling

                Does your dog need training, but you are lacking the time to do it?

                We understand that sometimes life is busy. This is a great alternative option for families with full schedules. After the initial Free Consultation visit, we will come to your home and work with your dog directly 2 - 3 times a week while you are at work or on vacation (does not include pet sitting). We will then periodically schedule owner-update sessions where we will show you all the cool stuff your dog is learning as well as teach you how to maintain it.

                Each dog-only session includes a full written summary what was covered and the training steps worked on that day as well as recommendations for things you can do at home on your own to maintain the goals for that week.

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