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This program is for dogs 6 months +

Please see puppy program for 5m and younger.

*This is your Initial Consultation evaluation and first session combined, which will run approximately 2-2.25 hrs.

Private In-Home Training

Private Training

Are Fido’s manners “leaving a bit to be desired”? Is he overly enthusiastic, jumping on guests, or fearful barking and growling at their every move?  

Perhaps dashing out the door and starting an unscheduled game of chase a regular occurrence?  Refusing to come when called, or pretending you don’t exist?!

Have your walks become a spectacle of barking, lunging towards and pulling towards everyone in sight?  

I’ve been there, being embarrassed and apologizing for your dog’s behavior.  Not wanting to walk to save myself the embarrassment.  Frustrated at not knowing what to do while my day dreams of a nice lunch at the park or dog friendly cafe feel like a cruel joke?


  • Transform your dog attention back to you.
  • Build up his impulse control
  • Teach him to manage is those emotions 
  • Give you the tools to communicate what you want him to do
  • Confidently manage and proactively prevent reactions
  • Forge a stronger bond than ever with your dog.


  • Force-Free Positive Reinforcement methods only
  • A customized, creative approach for your unique situation.
  • Detailed notes on everything covered in our session
  • Compassionate, professional guidance.
  • Multi Certified Credentialed trainer with 14 years of experience and continued education
  • Learn how to properly use real-world rewards
  • The comfort training in your own home
  • Lifetime support of everything we cover in our sessions

New Puppy Program

Private Training

Are you emBARKing on a new journey with a puppy?  Or is the adventure not going the way you envisioned?  Do you have a fluffy pirate stealing everything in sight, a furry land shark nipping fingers and toes with razor sharp teeth? Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or perhaps even a little guilty at thoughts of giving up or at a loss about what to do next?

We know how frustrating it is when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel… or if the tunnel even has an end at all! Let us help you, we know the way! 

Say, “Farewell! ” to your grief and “Bonjour! ” to relief!

Let us map out a plan customized especially for you!

Our Private Puppy training program is designed to help new or existing Puppy Parents navigate the many phases and adventures between puppy to adulthood. Our program is designed around your specific needs now and provides you with all the tools necessary to lead you to a happy and exciting journey through life with the pup you always imagined.

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**This program is for puppies under 6 months old. This is the Initial Consultation evaluation and first session combined, which will run for approximately 2 hours.

Puppy Classes!

Group Classes for puppies up to 6 months old.

KinderPup Club 

This Puppy Class combines basic manners and puppy socialization to start your puppy off right!


Temporarily Closed


For Busy Families!

PEACE LOVE KIDS and DOGS is the first dog training program designed specifically for busdy families. It’s a step–by–step plan that tells you everything you need to know to get your pup and the WHOLE family on the same page. It’s packed with videos, downloads, and tools to help you turn it all into a reality.  

With the Private In-Home Program, we will come to your home work with you and your family.  This program is comprised of six 1-hr sessions that make working with your dog fun for the whole family!  This makes it easy for busy families to learn and keep up.  Our sessions will be accompanied by an awesome interactive online portion with activities and games designed by a Nickelodeon producer!! It is full of online activities and games for the kids to help reinforce their learning and keep them engaged.

For the Dog:
Your dog will learn 6 life skills, and the many ways they can be used, to become an amazing dog:

For the Parents:

  • A program where you’ll learn the 6 Foundation skills every parent needs to know!
  • A fun video program for the kids that teaches them how to live happily and safely with their dog – without you having to nag!
  • A training program for your dog with the 6 essential skills your dog needs to be a polite and responsive member of your family.

For The Kids:

  • How to get your dog to fall in love with them
  • How they should act around all dogs.
  • How to be your extra set of eyes.
  • How to be a helper (that actually helps!)
  • Fun videos and games in the online program to help them along!
  • Plus it includes 4 additional training games for the whole family!
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Do you prefer a virtual, self-paced program?  Have a limited budget, but still needs some stills, then the online program is for you!

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All A-Board and Train!

Board and Train Program

Does your busy schedule make it difficult to find time to get your dog the training they need? Do you have a new puppy who needs help with crate training or potty training?

This isn’t a cold and strict Boarding School!  This school allows your dog the option to learn while living in a home environment with our trainer. We provide a safe, comfortable environment that is designed to help your dog thrive.  

Each program is customized to meet the needs of your dog and family.  This option is currently only available to dog-friendly dogs.  If your dog is not dog friendly, we may recommend our Home Schooling option. (See below)

The first step is to schedule a Boarding School Evaluation which will allow us to observe you and your dog, evaluate the goals and needs of your family, and design a training plan that will meet those requirements.  This process allows us to more reasonably estimate what timeframe will be needed.

After your dog completes their time at school, you will have an exit session with our trainer to go over their progress and educate you on how to use their new tools and skills.

Home School Day Training

Day Training

Are you too busy, feeling overwhelmed, or lacking the time or ability to work with your dog?  Is your dog bored all day and needs an outlet but is not a good match for daycare?  Or do you just need an extra hand to supplement your existing program?

We will go to your house and train your dog on manners, life skills, trick training for mental stimulation and enrichment, or their reactivity or behavior modification program in the comfort of their environment.  We can visit your dog anywhere from 2-4 days a week for 30-minute sessions. Post-session updates and statuses are sent at the end of each week.

*Location may be limited


Online, real-time, live, customized private training or coaching

This is for people who want to start a program or get continued support on their existing program.  Using the Zoom platform, we can bring live private training right to you!  Unlike a group class, the trainer will be completely focused on you and your pet but at a lower cost than having them come to you.

There are many reasons online training may be a great option for you.  Do you have a dog who is too reactive for a class, and want to avoid the extra expense of a private trainer coming to your home?  Are you in an area that lacks quality training options?  Is your dog more distracted by having a trainer in the house, and unable to concentrate on learning? Do you want to learn to train a pet that ISN’T a dog?!

There are plenty of reasons CyberTraining is the option for you.  We are well-versed in coaching students without ever having to touch your pet.  Our training techniques are used with all types of animals from fish in your home to zoos across the country.  Giving your pet the enrichment benefits of training is not only a lot of fun but builds amazing bonds and relationships.

Another perk of CyberTraining is that we are able to record your sessions which will be sent to you and can be rewatched as often as you would like! 

Packages are available in 4, 8, or 12 sessions.  

*This is intended for skills training, common behavior modification, or continued assistance with an In-Home program for more serious cases.

Basic K-9 Manners Class

Group Class for dogs 6 months+

Our K-9 Manners class is getting a makeover!  They will be returning soon!  Please come back for details.