Basic K-9 Manners Class

Group Class

This is our Beginning Manners Class.   We start with an orientation class for the humans only to set you and your dog up for success!

All classes are held outdoors with plenty of space to social distance.

This 7 session class is for pups 6m and older. No dog is too old for this class!

This class teaches the following skills and behaviors:

Sit, Down, Leave it/Take it, Attention/Focus, Polite Leash Walking, Recall, Settle, Capturing & Shaping, Targeting, Wait, and Door Manners.

Classes will be held on Sundays at 11:45 am and Tuesdays at 6:45 pm.

Cost: $266

Puppy Classes and Social Clubs!

Group Classes for puppies and young dogs.

KinderPup Social Club 

KinderPup is a Puppy Class  that combines basic manners and puppy socialization for well balanced puppies between the ages of 2 m – 5m.

This class is designed for puppies and extra small dogs to have an opportunity to get the social skills they need and learn some basic foundations at a pace that works for them.  Our playground is a large, fully enclosed and secure, park-size yard.

All playmates are screened before joining our group. 

Social Circle is a 90 min class.  Games will be designed to help give your puppy practice listening in high distraction environments, learn appropriate play, socialization to both humans and other dogs, exposure to new and novel items, and more!

KinderPup Classes will be held on Sunday mornings at 10 am and Thursdays at 5 pm.


Savvy K-9 Social Club

The Savvy K-9 Social Club is for the pups that are in or entering adolescence and teen months. This class is focused on impulse control skills for puppies aged 6m – 2 years.  We get opportunities to practice manners skills while learning how to play appropriately with other doggie friends.

Do you have an adolescent puppy that doesn’t read social cues from other pups very well?  Did you get put on time out from Doggie Day care due to inappropriate play styles?

Our playground is a large, park-size yard. All playmates will be required to provide proof of vaccination and fully vaccinated before starting.  Social Circle will run 90 mins.  Games will be designed to help give your puppy practice listening in high distraction environments, learn appropriate play.  Help your dog learn the difference between rude, inappropriate play and bullying, and appropriate play.  Continue the socialization they already have started to keep it strong and reinforcing, or help an under socialized pup to build up as many skills as they can.  Humans get to expand their knowledge on doggie body language and when to step in.  

Socially Savvy K-9 will be held on Wednesdays at 5 pm!



4-Passes: $184

8-Passes: $336

12-Passes: $480

Private In-Home Training

Private Training

This is our most popular program.  We start with the Initial Consultation (2 hours), where we come to your home and go over the behaviors you’re seeing and discuss the specific needs of your family.  This will take approximately 2 hours.   

During the first part of the Initial Consultation, the trainer will go in-depth about your case to make sure they fully understand the needs of you and your pet.   We will discuss every thing from nutrition to daily routines and any undesirable behaviors you are seeing.   After that, we discuss your training plan and go over any management recommendations customized to your home.  We will discuss what normal expectations for your dogs age are, and what to expect next, depending on where they are developmentally. 

We will then go right into your first session, working hands-on with you and your dog.  This will address immediate needs and setup foundations and management to help you get a jumpstart on your biggest concerns.  

We can even help you prepare for programs such as Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or therapy dog tests.

This program will start with the Initial Consultation and first session combo, which will run approximately 2-hours.   This program is for dogs 6 months +.  

Initial Consultation (2hrs): $255

Virtual Consultation (2 hrs): $184

*In-Person and Virtual Packages Available.  

Social Circle (KinderPup or Blooming K-9) Add-On: 

Discounts if purchased as an add-on to prepaid packages.

Private Puppy Training

Private Training

Start your puppy off right! Learn how to teach your puppy how have the manners and behaviors you want!  Give them the skills to succeed in our world and make your home happy and harmonious! 

We can start as early as 8 weeks old!  We focus on teaching them, through exercises, games, and activities that teach them what you expect from them.  We will help set them up for success by managing their environment and establishing boundaries that create well-mannered adult dogs.  

Our program is completely customizable and can help them with things like impulse control, attention and focus, basic manners, proper play, door dashing, leash walking skills, appropriate greetings, addresses puppy nipping, and how to appropriately interact with friends. (Doggie and Human alike!)

During the first part of the Initial Consultation, the trainer will go to discuss every thing from nutrition to daily routines, potty training, and proper socialization skills. 

Every session is followed up with notes to help make working on your new skills throughout the week easier.

This program will start with the Initial Consultation and first session combo, which will run approximately 2-hours.  This program is for puppies under 6 months old.

Initial Consultation (1.75-2 hrs): $225

Virtual Initial Consultation (1.75hrs): $165

*In-Person and Virtual Packages Available.  

KinderPup Social Circle Add-On:

Discounts if purchased as an add-on to prepaid packages.


Raising a puppy or dog is one thing — but doing it with kids in tow can be a whole different ball game! Even if you’ve read the books, bought all the stuff and signed up for training school — you can somehow STILL feel like you’re chasing your tail. Don’t feel bad — you’re not alone.

PEACE LOVE KIDS and DOGS is the first dog training program designed specifically for families. It’s a step–by–step plan that tells you everything you need to know to get your pup and the WHOLE family on the same page. It’s packed with videos, downloads, and tools to help you turn it all into a reality.

For Dogs:
Your dog will learn 6 life skills needed to become an amazing family dog:

For Parents:

  • A program where you’ll learn the 6 FOUNDATION skills every parent needs to know!
  • A fun video program for the kids that teaches them how to live happily and safely with your dog – without you having to nag!
  • A training program for your dog with the 6 essential skills your dog needs to be a polite and responsive member of your family.

For The Kids:

  • How to get your dog to fall in love with them!
  • How to they should act around all dogs.
  • How to be your extra set of eyes.
  • How to be a helper (that actually helps!)
  • Fun videos and games in the online program to help them along!
  • Plus it includes 4 additional training games for the whole family!

For the Private In-Home Program we will come work with you and your family.  This program is compromised of six 1-hr sessions that make working with your dog fun for the whole family!  This make it easy for busy families to learn and keep up with.  Our sessions will be accompanied with an awesome interactive online portion with activities and games designed by a Nickelodeon producer!! It is full of online activities and games for the kids to help reinforce their learnings and keep them engaged.

You can book now by clicking the button above or contact us for further details!

Contact us to ask about details for the Private In-Home Program

NEW!!  The Virtual DIY Version Is Now Available! Click Here for Details!:  Only $169!

Continued Success Coaching

You have finished your Basic Manners or Puppy Preps class and want or need to take some or all of your skills to an advanced level.  Get extra coaching on harder behaviors such as Leash Walking, Recall, or Distraction Training.  Proofing your skills, which verifies the cue you are using is actually the cue your dog is responding to and how to strengthen skills.  Putting both verbal and visual cues on the skills.

Perhaps you would like to add a new or advanced skill to your tool box.  Increase your tricks and provide a fun and engaging way to provide Mental Stimulation and Canine Enrichment into their lives.  Each program is customized to your wants or needs.

Adding Skill options may include: Stop, Leap, Over, Up, Spin, Turn, Roll Over, Speak, Hush, Catch, Bring it, Bow, Lights, Crawl, Wave, Play Dead, Back up, Beg, and more!

After your original package is finished, we hold weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly 1 hour virtual session to keep your training moving forward and progressing on your training plan. This is highly recommended for students with puppies who will need to continue the training as puppy. This will help students to keep consistent, and guidance as puppy develops to adulthood.

This program is also great for motivated students of adult dogs who just need a little assistance keeping to their training plan and goals on track.

Contact Us for details and package options!