Amanda J. McKitterick, KPA-CTP, ABCDT

Animals have always been Amanda’s true love and passion in life. Since the 5th grade she knew she wanted to work with animals.  In 2009, that dream finally start to take shape as she went back to school to study dog behavior and training.  In 2012, she founded Wise Dog Training, at first just to handle clients she was collecting while also contracting for other trainers.

In 2018, she stopped contracting and started concentrating on Wise Dog Training full time.

Amanda started her journey by becoming educated about dog behavior and training.  It was through this process that she became aware that many of the techniques promoted and used were not the best avenue for the dog.  She recognized the unfortunate side effects of her early training attempts and made it her goal to incorporate education into her programs to help pet parents truly learn about their dogs, give them tools and help them learn how to used them.

Wise Dog Training has vowed to be and always will be, a Force Free Positive Reinforcement Training Company.  We work with families, couples, or singles with new and existing dogs.  People who want to become a Therapy Dog team.   We do not discriminate against size, age, or breed.  We are exited to get to meet you!


  • Better Veterinary Visits, KPA, Online – 2023
  • January 27-30, 2022: Clicker Expo LIVE, Educational Conference, Multiple Panels and Workshops
  • January 28-31, 2021: Clicker Expo LIVE, Educational Conference, Multiple Panels and Workshops
  • Nov 11-15, 2020: Pet Professionals Guild, Geek Week Educational Conference, Multiple Panels and Workshops
  • Jan 19-20, 2019: Training & Handling with Aggressive Dogs, Michael Shikashio & Trish Loehr
  • Feb 26, 2018: TAG Teach, Irith Bloom
  • May 20-21, 2018: – Helping Fearful Dogs, Separation Anxiety, & Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play Educational Seminar, – Nicole Wilde
  • 2017 – Current: Licensed Presenter of The Family Dog, Child Safety Program
  • Oct 11-15, 2016: APDT Educational Conference; Various Behavior Modification Panels and Workshops
  • Jun – Dec 2015: Certification at Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional, Graduated with distinction, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
  • Mar – June 2015: Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations
  • Jan 23-26, 2014: Clicker Expo Educational Conference, Multiple Panels and Workshops
  • Apr 6-7, 2013: Parrots, Porpoises, Pooches, and People. Mastering the ABC’s of Behavior Analysis, – Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ph. D.
  • Mar – Apr 2012: Family Paws Parent Education, Licensed Dogs & Storks and DABC Presenter
  • 2012 – Current: Riverside Emergency Animal Response Service (REARS) Team Member
  • Mar 24-25, 2012: Positive Solutions to Canine Behavior Challenges, Peaceable Paws Seminar – Pat Miller
  • June 12-13, 2011: Fearful Dogs, Educational Seminar, – Nicole Wilde
  • May 2011: Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, #75580
  • Oct 10, 2011: Adoption Options: Helping Shelter Dogs get Adopted, Sponsored Seminar – Sue Sternberg
  • Oct 12-16, 2011: APDT Educational Conference, Multiple Panels and Workshops
  • Jan 2011 – 2013: Internship/Assistant Trainer
  • May 09 – Jan 10: Certification at Animal Behavior College, Certified Dog Trainer #78734
  • June 06 – Associates Degree with emphasis on science at Santa Ana College