Amanda was knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to work with our unique situation. She shared her expertise with us, and was great with our husky. Immediately, we noticed an improvement and continue to see growth as we employ the techniques Amanda taught us. We especially loved getting a list from her after the training of the techniques we went through she we don’t forget. – Amy K.

We rescued an older cranky female Beagle and Amanda did a fantastic job with teaching us to conquer this beastie. She is loving and we are more trusting with her. Through her guidance, patience and training we now have a very sweet and quite obedient dog. Biscuit is an old lady in progress. Thanks for your help! Your tops in our book Amanda. Biscuit & Family – Earlene G.
Amanda is SO patient and gentle with my dogs (even my high-energy troublemaker). Most importantly, her techniques work! She has an answer to every question, and her instructions are easy to follow. She has helped me to be more patient with my pup and he has made a TON of progress with his excited barking at dogs. Walks are so much easier now. We are so lucky to have found her! – Kate C.
Amanda helped train our Doberman pinscher, Axel for 6 weeks of Canine Manners Program. Amanda is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional has a great of explaining what we should be doing at home to keep him active relax and obedient. Amanda was great in working with our dog and we’ve seen great improvement using her training techniques (She sent me review report after each session finished) It took her a short period of time to train my dog and also show me how to work with him. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to train dogs, or just need help. 5/5 stars! Thank you so much Amanda from the bottom of my heart. – Yuki and Axel
Awesome training. She did a wonderful training lesson with my dog. He used to dig alot and now he doesn’t. He used to be a really messy eater not any more. Thanks so much for your help. – Brian W.
I wish I would have found Amanda sooner!!! She really helped transform our crazy puppy and guide us into better trainers. We have all learned so much !!! – Jenny C.
100% would recommend. Very patient and kind but also extremely knowledgeable and effective. Amanda has a natural kinship with animals and backed by years of training and hardwork, she’s able to train not only dogs but also their owners which helps to create a stronger and happier bond. – Theodore R.
Amanda has helped our family with our Boxer, Sugar since she was a little under a year old (she’s now a little over 3 yrs. old) As many know Boxers are very excited, jumpy, bouncing dogs, with a very high energy level! Amanda had taught Sugar not to jump on us and others… That was the biggest issue for us with Sugar! Before Amanda, Sugar was already trying to be stuck in her ways of jumping and being the young pup… it took a short period of time. Amanda encouraged us not to give up, and keep working with her…. As well as Amanda working with her….. Success…for 2 years No more jumping! 😃 (well of course on that occasion when my husband plays with her and calls her up) Amanda has also helped Sugar to be very patient while we are preparing her meals for feeding. She used to try to push herself through before we even put down her bowl. That took no time at all for Sugar to sit, at times lay down, while we are getting meals ready. We put her food down and she sits beautifully and waits for us to tell her “good girl” and give her the ok to eat! Amanda has taught us a ton of stuff! Helped us with the walking on leash…. Know it’s sounds silly…. But Sugar gave us (me especially) a run for our money by pulling us…. Rather… walking us instead of walking her. We trust Amanda as is if she were Family….She treats our pup as if she were her own! Amanda is MORE than Reliable and Professional, she is so loving and caring and goes way ABOVE AND BEYOND Amanda is always there when we need her! Amanda now comes to our home for walking and feeding with TLC…..(which we benefit more than anything) that is how much we trust her with our precious Sugar and our home! Our schedules are so crazy and Amanda helps calm the storms!! 😊 We are very lucky Amanda has came into our families lives. We can not thank Amanda enough for all that she has taught us and for all that she has taught Sugar….and still teaching every day! One final thing to add… Amanda Mckitterick …Wise Dog Training. We have hit the Jackpot when we met you! Thank you very much!! – Tammie B.
Amanda is awesome! We love her positive energy, and the genuine care she has for our husky really shined through in the way she engaged with him. The sessions were very educational and she made training exercises very fun and exciting. Most importantly, her techniques work! We are so thankful for her guidance in helping us understand our dog better, which ultimately helped deepen the relationship we have with our dog and vice versa. Amanda not only trained our dog, but she trained us too! – Eva and Martin
Wise Dog Training is a great way to learn how to communicate with your dogs and understand their needs. Amanda is a great teacher and is very patient with the animals and their owners. It was great to see positive results in a very short amount of time, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and caring Animal Behaviorist. Thank you for all your help with my energetic Border Collie! – Ella R.
Amanda was the sweetest trainer I’ve met. She cares a great deal for the animals and it shows during her sessions. She’s very professional, knowledgeable and able to help me connect with my dogs and understand their needs. Not only did the dog learn better behavior, but I also learned how to understand their communication, and read their body language to help fulfill their needs. Big plus on encouraging “Positive” training methods, and teaching patience on both sides of the fence. – Carla R.