Treats, Chews, & Bags

Happy Howies (3 pk)

Bully Sticks

Bully Slices

Himalayan Yak Cheese

Antler Chews

Horn Chews

Cow Hooves

Turkey Tendons (Small Dogs and Light Chewers)

Beef Tendons (Small Dogs and Light Chewers)

Nothin' to Hide

No-Hide Dog Chews

Water Buffalo Ears

Doggone Good Magnet Treat Bag

KPA Hinge Style Treat Bag

Bully Stick/Yak Cheese Holder

Treat Container

No-Hide Dog Chews

Plaque Off Dental Chew

Enrichment Puzzles, Tools, & Gear

Classic Puppy KONG

Classic KONG

Omega Ball (Beginner Level)

KONG Wobbler (Intermediate Level)

Buster Cube (Advanced Level)

Trixie Mad Scientist

Snuffle Mat

Puzzle Bowls

Grooming Lick Pad

Dog & Cat Lick Mat (For Boredom or Anxiety)

Flirt Pole

Bungee Hanging Tug

Ruff Dog Ball

KONG Jumbler

KONG Safety Stix

Easy Step Walk-Through Gate

Dog Swimming Pool

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush


Clever Pet

Long Lines

30' & 50' Long Lines

Lollipop Target Stick

Clik Stick

Potty Training Tools

Exercise Pen

Whelping Mat

Potty Pad Holder

Hanging Potty Bells

Mounted Potty Bell

Doggie Doorbell

Recommended Books

The Other End of the Leash

Don't Shoot the Dog!

The Power of Positive Dog Training

Living with Kids and dogs

Parenting Your Dog

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